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Supposedly the eldest teacher in the school, she is overweight with white hair and a shriveled face. Archie's typical all-American suburban mother who works for a real estate agency. He is a large man who wears a big white beard and laboratory coat.

He is an expert on no budget special effects, and builds his own models for science fiction movies. One way the comics writers explained this discrepancy was to present the characters as "real" cartoon characters who are employed by Disney as actors.

He is the basketball and wrestling coach and the only major faculty member who is known to be married. After Raj's introduction, he often appeared in daily newspaper strips as well.

In one story, she had unattractive friends Minnie Muenster and Sophie Schlitz who were interested in Archie and Reggie.

Her introduction, starting with her first appearance in Betty and Veronica Spectacular 50, was a bit different from other characters. Rick Dodge would be one of the most famous men alive in his world. A student of Puerto Rican ancestry, Frankie is flamboyant, romantic, quick-witted, and a bit of a show-off, which has earned him the rivalry of Reggie Mantle.

His favorite dish is implied to be chocolate pot roast with pistachios, given his overweight appearance. Butch appears in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse where his owner is Pete. They appear in Betty and Veronica She was worried that he was going to leave her for Brigitte, and came to realize that the two are just friends.

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She had red hair and freckles, but there was nothing to suggest a connection between her and Archie. He is a megalomaniacal pirate captain and mad scientistsomewhat modeled after Jules Verne 's Captain Nemo character.

He is often frustrated when Veronica tries to cook in "his" kitchen. She is an excellent writer and works on the school paper.

He has not been seen since the s. He has a constant problem in getting the athletic best out of his students and sometimes considers Archie and Jughead inadequate.

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Oh, summer. Warm weather, friends, vacations; it's a beautiful time full of fun and memory-making. But every coin has two sides. Summer is also sweaty, hot, sticky and smelly. It can be tiring and hectic. And that's exactly what inspired all these artists. Take a look at 10+ hilarious comics about.

Dreams are odd things. I mentioned that my dream was not about doing a comic strip and that’s true and not true at the same time. Comics are a lot of work. We’ve updated our eEdition. The NEW version of the eEdition has the same great look as our printed newspaper.

List of Archie Comics characters

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Best pals Shelby and Cyd's world turns topsy-turvy when a school science experiment gives them the power to leap forward and backward in time. Cyd wants to jump back to middle school so she can eat her favorite cafeteria snack, but Shelby jams their powers to keep a secret from her.

At the future.

Best friends dating comics
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